Saturday, 8 November 2014

Picture This #276 ~ True Colors

Hi and welcome to Picture This! I am Benni and I will be your host this week. The theme has to do with colors, I was going to call it "A Coat of Many Colors" or "Colors of the Rainbow", but I settled on the simple title "True Colors".

I am inviting you to post pictures which feature colors: primary colors, secondary colors, bright colors, pastels, any colors you want. Playing with color, or colour, is one of the most fun parts of photography for me and maybe for you too.

Here are mine:

Bright Florida colors

The Pink House
The Pink House, in Wellsville, New York. On Sundays, when I was small, we would drive there, sometimes, just to look at it.

Bedroom window
On the lace in my bedroom, the colors of a crystal hanging in the window.

Tangerine pie
Tangerine pie, as good as it looks. Perhaps you have noticed, I enjoy pictures of food.

Those are mine, can't wait to see yours.  And, before I forget, marvelous banner photograph by Nikhil!! Congrats, that is a wonderful shot.


  1. Hi Benni !! Many thanks for hosting this week. Great theme, I'm looking forward to lots of colourful photos to cheer up these drab November days!! Love that Florida shot, how the colours of the towel seem to light up the room. Wow, that pink mansion is a sight to behold!! LOL. A cross between the Addams Family and Lady Penelope from 'Thunderbirds'. Those little rainbows created by the crystals falling on the lace are beautiful. That last shot looks sooooo delicious!!

  2. The river view is pleasant and relaxing. Never seen a Pink house before. For some reason, I can imagine some Jazz or Blues music being played there or nearby. Really nice. Nice lace pattern and the Tangerine pie looks delicious. Great shots.

  3. The first photo is a great shot how you caught the sun's reflection on the colourful throw. Lovely pink house, reminds me of Sonja Henies house in Norway. Good shot how you caught the crystal colours on the curtain from the sun reflection and I like the tangerine pie photo how you have caught a few shadows on it.

  4. hi benni cool shots. my fav is the last one. ciao ciao

  5. Hi Benni! Your photos never disappoint me. They are very unique. Your eyes capture nice and unusual compositions that most people would not notice... That's the case in the top and the 3rd shots, my favourites.

  6. Beautiful purple castle

    Intricate lace and lovely prism

    Looks delish!

  7. A great theme Benni with fantastic captures I really like them all ;)

  8. Nice theme and fantastic shots to go with it. I love the peaceful, easy feeling of the first with the beach towel draped over the chair.

    The pink house is lovely! So hard to find a pink paint that doesn't look like Pepto Bismal, but this looks wonderful with the white trim.

    The light prism on the curtain in so pretty!

    The tangerine pie is a delight and the blue and white plate really sets it off nicely.

  9. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I'm so glad you enjoyed the theme and put up such wonderful colors.