Saturday, 29 November 2014

Picture This #279 ~ Wood

A very good subject for this week, and an opportunity to find perhaps a few photos never before seen by mankind (that sounded good). Lovely banner picture by Baz, has something "old master" to it.

We treated ourselves to a new table and chairs this year for outside on the porch, all in wood.
new table and chairs
This mistletoe settled itself on the wood of a tree just around the corner to where I live.
Mistletoe in a tree
Sometimes the wood has to be cut back, especially in town.
Cutting Trees on Bahnhofstrasse Solothurn
And Tabby telling us that "the old rocking chair just got me", all in wood.
Tabby relaxing


  1. love them all
    love your out door furniture and the trees--but love the cat on the rocking chair

  2. Hi Pat!! Great shots for this week's theme!! Really nice patio furniture, perfect for sitting out in the summer evening sun having a cool drink. Love the silhouetted mistletoe in the tree. Good capture of the tree-trimmer. Tabby looks very comfortable in 'her' rocking chair. Perhaps she is waiting for someone to rock it?

  3. Hi Pat! Wonderful shot of your wooden porch table and chairs and the orchids on top. When I first saw your tree with mistletoe I thought the mistletoe bundles were squirrel houses, that's what they do here, make nests of leaves. It's a great moody picture with those branches and clouds. Tree trimming is something I am quite familiar with, having just had a major project completed. And your capture of Tabby takes the cake, she looks so comfortable in her wooden rocking chair; I can almost hear her purr.

  4. Wonderful shots Pat and fantastic takes on the theme ;)

  5. Loved the cat shot. It knows that she is the boss. Loved the other pics as well. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wonderful arrangement

    A natural condominium

    A really bad hair day

    This is my place - so scram!

  7. Four shots, all of them showing your always good interpretations of the weekly theme...

  8. Lovely table and chair set, Pat. I like the bold blue stripes. Pretty orchids, too! What is the little green pot for?

    Nice shot of the mistletoe. My brother and I used to climb trees and harvest mistletoe so we could sell it in sprigs at Christmas. That would have been a jackpot for us.

    Interesting shot of the guy pruning the tree! Doesn't look like he could do much pruning with that little knife.

    And the last is my favorite! Beautiful shot of Tabby and I LOVE rocking chairs! I don't have one here. We have hard wood floors that squeak when you walk on them. I'll bet it would drive the people underneath us CRAZY if I bought one.