Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Picture This # 277 ~ Thankful

I'm thankful for so many things that the number of photos here would be practically limitless. It was so hard trying to choose just a few. The first one is a picture of the LOML standing in front of a fireplace at The Morgan Library and Museum. I'm also thankful that we have this wonderful city to explore together and thankful for the freedom to travel and visit almost anywhere we like.
This is Bandy our Jack Russell terrier. He has brought so much happiness and fun into our lives. I'm thankful that I decided to read Craig's List that day because that's where I found this darling little guy.
I'm thankful that we have so many parks in this area, especially Prospect Park. I consider this park my backyard.
This is the farmer's market at Grand Army Plaza on Saturdays. I'm thankful that we have fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, cheeses and crafts right here at our fingertips. Just across the street from where we live. And I'm thankful that most of these vendors are here rain or shine. Or snow!


  1. Congratz, Pat on your beautiful banner shot! I love the colorful cats!

  2. Hi Debby!! Fabulous photos for this week's theme!! That's some impressive fireplace in the first shot!! Lovely shot of Bandy posing on his 'plinth'. Beautiful scene of Prospect Park....just love the colours and reflections!! Brrrr..that last shot looks chilly!! Frozen food without a freezer!!! LOL.

  3. As always, Debby, stunning pictures that do NY proud. Love the shades of golds and yellows in the top picture. Fabulous shot of a fabulous fireplace. Your Bandy is very cute and I like how thoughtful he looks. I am so glad Prospect Park is like your backyard as you have made it come alive for me. Great picture of the farmer's market, maybe my favorite, as you have captured it in unusual weather. Ironic that in the world's greatest city (ok, arguably) you have fresh produce closer than I do.

  4. ahhh wonderful Debby love you pictures