Saturday, 8 November 2014

Picture This #276 ~ True Colours

Congratulations to Nik for his well deserved banner picture - India at its best.

Thanks for hosting Benni. Now I am almost used to my Apple computer, so here we go.

This morning I made a veal stew for lunch. When I was preparing the ingredients, I thought that it would make a good photo.

Ingredients for a veal stew

I often take a photo in our local supermarket in the flower department. They always have such colourful bouquets.
Flower bouquet

Even our local market as a few colourful cats to show
Impressions of September monthly market in Solothurn


  1. Hi, Pat! So glad to see you. Wonderful colors in the stew fixings. The blue flowers, which seem to be a variation of chrysanthemum, are a great shade of blue with the purple and yellow blooms. Love those kitties!! What a nice kaleidoscope of colors; I'd have a hard time buying just one.

  2. Wonderful collection of shapes and faded colours.

    Exquisite flowers

    Cleverly collected colourful cats.

  3. hi pat lovely colourful pics. cheerio

  4. Hi Pat! From the ingredients, I am sure the stew was delicious... Lovely bouquets...Cute cats... I would have difficulty to choose only one...

  5. Hi Pat!! Great photos for Benni's theme!! I hope the stew was as delicious as the ingredients look!! Beautiful flowers in the second shot. I love those colourful cats in the third shot!! I wonder what Tabby would think if you bought one for her? LOL.

  6. Such vibrant colours Pat lovely shots ;)

  7. Nice shots, Pat! Wish I could taste that veal stew!!!

    Pretty flowers!

    The cats are adorable. What a lovely, colorful shot!