Sunday, 9 November 2014

PT CCLXXVI ~ True Colours

Wonderful banner by Nikhil. Great theme by Benni.

A flowerbed full of tulips in the Sofiero castlegarden.
 photo cd1f447c-4a4f-45db-9443-7fd285b83fb7_zpsdfb5f260.jpg

A vase full of blue flowers (I dont know what they're called)
 photo 1d914f7d-f1b8-4bd5-a90c-acbe803b3a04_zpsbc9f99c8.jpg


  1. NHi Anders! Nice colours, pretty flowers...

  2. Hi Anders! Aren't we lucky to have colorful flowers to cheer our days? I love the curved bed of tulips with the dark tree in the background, and of course, such great greens!! Your purple-blue flowers are called "violas" here. It's wonderful how you have photographed them partly in sun, partly in shade, with the rocks behind them.

  3. Hi Anders!! Lovely colourful flowers in both your shots. The yellow of the tulips is very mellow. I really like the colour of the flowers in the second shot. In the UK, they are called 'pansies'.

  4. Thanks all of you for your appreciative comments.

  5. Gorgeous bed of tulips, Anders and the flower pot full of pansies is lovely! I love the light and shadows in that second one. Nice shots!