Saturday, 1 November 2014

Picture This #275 ~ Candid Strangers

Many thanks to Baz for hosting this week. An interesting challenge, which I'm hoping everyone will have some good shots for!!

I used to take quite a lot of candid people shots when I first started digital photography, but in recent times have concentrated on other subjects. I'm still trying to use shots I've not posted before, but I think I've used most of my candid shots at one time or another, so I've chosen ones I've not used very often. These were all taken in 2008/9.

1) No New Messages. A sign of the times?
No New Messages

2) Contemplation

3) Lifeguard on duty
Looking For Trouble B&W

4) Good company
Good Company B&W1


  1. Some very good shots Mitch, although I must admit that candid photos are not really my thing. Black and white does enhance them quite a bit, I think the second on contemplation is a very good shot.

  2. These are all wonderful captures and I agree with Pat. The black and white is more fitting for street photography some how.

    Aren't our times amazing though? We were just talking about how phone booths have disappeared here in NYC. No body needs them any more, and practically no one has land lines any more. It's all cellular. Leon is prone to doing the same thing. Whipping his phone out of his pocket to see if he missed any calls or messages and even to check the time. You hardly ever see wrist watches any more, either. Great shot. I love his hat!

    I love your "Contemplation" shot. I think he must be girl watching!

    Wonder if the lifeguard is looking at girls in bikinis???

    I like the very relaxed feel of the people around the table. But what I like most about the last photo is the sun on the old guys face which really shows his age.

    Nice shots, all... but I still like your "Contemplation" shot best.

  3. Hi Mitch! Wonderful B&W candid shots...Looking at the man's face in the top photo, he seems a bit disappointed or perhaps anxious... Love the second shot...lost in his thoughts! Very professional attitude in the third shot... Perhaps those were old friends and they were recalling their younger age... excellent candid!.

  4. No connectio?

    "Sometimes I jest sits and thinks and sometimes I jest sits."

    "Im so much better than Mr Bucannon."

    "Did you hear that George had been caught stealing knickers in a lingerie-shop - AGAIN!"

  5. Net addiction or just no network? Folks get worried when they have to merge back with real life. :)

    Wonder what the old man is thinking. Or maybe he is just enjoying the sun and scenery?

    I wonder if the lifeguard has found any beach babes.

    Looks like the folks in the last shot are enjoying themselves.

    Great shots and loved all of them.

  6. A beautifully perceptive selection Mitch, perfect in black and white, I always think it adds so much to portraits, by removing the distraction of colour, perfectly captured mate ;)