Saturday, 22 November 2014

Picture This #278 ~ The Best Most Recent Photos

 photo adb03d5a-dcd8-43f5-a256-ce37fb618381_zpsf5f369dd.jpg

 photo 2472ed1d-f683-4f23-a5bb-06255c343d8d_zpsbfe00b2c.jpg

 photo 569420c0-a595-4f02-8eca-29592d971d47_zpsd3ecfab9.jpg

 photo 65dea75d-481d-4cf7-98de-897b908a6d6c_zps82054389.jpg

 photo 8eabd5ef-c2dc-426d-8fed-b92d02401a6b_zpsac12c26e.jpg


  1. Wow amazing cactus

    Wonderful shrine

    Great workmanship of cloth and metal

    Exquisite flowers

  2. Hi, Nik, lovely pictures. Your middle picture looks like the base of a palm tree, so interesting!! I love how you have captured the roots going into the soil and the bark. Another favorite is the stunning white flowers again the deep green leaves. Your pictures make me want to visit your country, full of color and enchanting beauty.

  3. Hi Nik !! A nice selection of shots for Debby's theme. Cool palm-fronds in the first shot. A very psychedelic display in the second a flashback to the 'swinging 60's !! Very ornate that a tray for carrying sweets? Lovely Plumeria flowers in the last shot.

  4. Lovely photos Nik, so original. I love your photographic glimpse into life in India, so colourful and original

  5. Is that a guy in a business suit manicuring his lawn? Nice capture, Nik!

    I just love that giant butterfly wings in the store window display. SO cool!

    The tree is amazing. Those are roots protruding from the bottom? They look so tiny and hardly strong enough to hold that wide, wide tree into the ground.

    The ornate silver tray and cover are exquisite. I adore silver ANYTHING! (likes bright, shiny, sparkly things)

    Pretty shot of the Frangipani (?).

  6. Hi Nik! You always share nice shots of your country, giving us the opportunity to gradually making it not unfamiliar to us... thanks!