Sunday, 9 November 2014

Picture This #276 ~ True Colours

Dear friends at the moment I'm in France and the only pics I have are those I shot during these past days.






  1. Hi Nico! Love your four shots for Benni's theme... Those Italian sweets look delicious. Are they made of caramel and almonds?

  2. Ciao, Nico, enjoy your time in France. Che bella pictures. I like the shine on the fly or bee on the leaf and the juicy red crabapples in the background. Wonderful Santa Clauses in the store, red and white, waiting for Christmas. When I was little we used to have sweets like those in your next picture, I think we called them "Baba au Rhum"; they were fried dough soaked in a rum syrup. Delicious, as your picture is. And look, there you are, reflected in a big red Christmas ball, very nice.

  3. Hi Nico!! I hope you are enjoying your visit to France. Lovely shots for this week's theme. Great capture of the wasp in the first shot. The second photo is a timely reminder that Christmas is not too far away!! The Italian sweets in the third shot look delicious....I'd love to try one!! Good self-portrait reflected in the Christmas decoration in your final shot!!

  4. They are all very beautiful colourful photos - love the Santa photo.

  5. Beautiful macro

    Delightful display


    Beautiful christmas decoration.

  6. Great takes, great colours Nico ;)

  7. Cool shots, Nico. I love the little bee on the crab apple leaf! Nice capture!

    The Santas are so cute. Made me think of the department store Santas and how confusing it must be for the little ones.

    I don't know what that dish is, but it looks yummy!

    I love the shot of you reflected in the Christmas ball.