Saturday, 1 November 2014

Picture This #275 ~ Candid Strangers

Fortune Teller ~ Union Square, NYC
Lovers' Spat at Union Square
Was aiming at the girl who was walking with her arms over her head ( For  two blocks or so) but surprised the guy who turned and saw the camera aimed in his direction. He looks none too pleased. Central Park at 76th Street, NYC.
Relaxing at Union Square Park, NYC.


  1. Great capture.

    The Lovers

    "Are you LOOKING at me?"

    In repose

  2. Hi Debby! I wonder what that fortune teller was telling her client..... perhaps nothing particularly joyful.Like to see the woman's hand placed on that ball that apparently is not made out of crystal glass.Nice shot of the pair of lovers... thanks for explaining details about the third shot... something ike that often happens when we try to take candid photos.... love to see the pigeon (symbol of peace) by the young guy relaxing at the Park...

  3. Loved the fortune teller. Arguing with the girl won't get the guy a kiss. Loved the last two shots as well.

  4. I had you in mind Debby when I selected this theme, I knew you would not disappoint and you did not make me a liar LOL ;)

  5. Hi Debby!! Great selection of shots for Baz's theme. I really like the first shot. I'm sure the fortune-teller is saying something about a great future for the woman, but a caption sprang to mind when I first looked at it (typically my daft sense of humour) "No, that's not the crystal-ball you are holding, that is my apple for lunch" LOL. Love the second shot, you really captured the emotion of the moment. And judging by the look n her face, he isn't being forgiven just yet!! I like the surprise element of the third shot. The guy in the last shot looks really relaxed. I wonder if he'd wake up if one of the pigeons walked on him :-))