Saturday, 8 November 2014

Picture This #276 ~ True Colors

Hi all, I hope your weekend is going well? Congrats to Nik on a fantastic header and thanks to Benni on an inspiring theme this week.

Here are my selected shots for the theme.

BIG Red Rooster!!


Frog in Green!!

Picture of Lily


  1. Hi, Baz, what a bright palette of colors you are showing us this week. The rooster does indeed have a "coat" or feathers of many colors and a bright red comb as well. I love the lonely boat on a golden sea and the frog hiding out on the leaf. Maybe my favorite is the lilies, marvelous shade of yellow-orange against the greens of the foliage in the background.

  2. Hi Baz!! Great set of shots for this week's theme. That rooster sure is a colourful character. Or is he just being 'cocky' LOL. Beautifully mellow sunset tones in the second shot. My fave is the frog shot. Not just the lil fellow himself, but the light and colours of the leaf. Wonderful shot of the lily to finish.

  3. Beautiful photos all of them from the sunset over the sea and the lily. that frog just sets the dot on the i and the rooster is fantastic.

  4. hi baz love your first pic is so vivid and interesting.

  5. Hi Baz! Beautiful colours in your photo selection for Benni's theme. Love them all but the colourful long collar makes me feel envy of that rooster...It must be goo in Winter...

  6. Exquisite colourful plumage

    Stunning shot

    Wow - exceptional capture

    Utterly lovely

  7. Amazing shots, as always, Baz! That first shot would be a best seller. Women LOVE the rooster motif for their kitchens. I would definitely frame this one and sell it at a local fair, or online!

    The sailboat /sunset shot is just gorgeous! The water looks as if it has been bronzed. ( I wonder if people still do that to baby shoes? )

    The frog is so cute and colorful!

    The lilies are my favorite! Just beautiful!!!