Sunday, 2 November 2014

Picture This #275 ~ Candid Strangers

Lunch time
 photo 65c53de1-d70e-4efa-8a52-d0d201488ea4_zps928e38c1.jpg

The Balloon Seller
 photo 4b661434-607a-4ea3-9484-aee57a4cb5d1_zpsf340f00a.jpg

 photo dbc874e8-087f-49f3-bb5f-553eed879b63_zpscfca0fde.jpg

The Swamp Cooler Folks
 photo 2f5ab5f3-db90-4435-9a20-570850ef0404_zps3d52f10e.jpg

The Name Plate Maker
 photo 7301fc27-75b3-47db-8d8a-0d992780e1d6_zps0406986f.jpg


  1. So colourful and interesting and actiona that we would never see in our lattitudes and longitudes.

  2. Having lunch?

    Balloon anyone?

    How much for dog in your arms?

    What is their net income?

    In the process of creation.

  3. Lovely captures perfect for the theme

  4. Hi Nik !! Great shots for the theme. The boy in the first shot appears to be eating noodles, but they aren't really staple of that area surely? Lovely colourful shot of the balloon-seller. The dog in the third shot seems to be rather rude....he's sticking his tongue out at you. Those 'swamp-coolers' are such a brilliantly simple and cheap alternative to expensive high-tech air-con. Good shot of the artisan at work in the final shot.

    1. Hello Mitch. The kid is eating something called Chowmein which is fried noodles. Really oily yet cheap and tasty

  5. Incredible shots, Nik! Are those terracotta dishes back behind the boy that's eating noodles in the first shot?

    The balloons make a pretty, colorful shot. What is the guy selling to the right of him? Something yummy to eat?

    Cute dog is the third. His owner looks very proud of him.

    What is a swamp cooler??? The lady in the beautiful yellow sari really makes that photo shine!

    What a wonderful photo of the Name Plate Marker. Does he makes these for houses???

    The last two photos are my favorite. Absolutely superb!!!

  6. Cute dog *in the third photo. I don't know why Blogger doesn't have an edit button. Silly Blogger.

  7. Awesome set of photos that give us a colourful image of the place where you live in.... Love all of them, not one particularly...