Saturday, 22 November 2014

Picture This #278 ~ The Best Most Recent Photos

Hi all, wishing you a great weekend. Thanks to Debby for the theme this week, I have had a bug for a couple of week so have not done much photography of late! I did manage to get out for a late afternon shoot at Moors lake earlier this week, I selected these shots from those I took that day, I hope you like them ;) 

Moors lake afternoon:

Wait on the Bridge.

Reflecting on the day.


It is the evening of the day.


  1. Hi Baz, those are great pictures. You live in a lovely area and you capture it marvelously in your photographs. I would spend a long time on the bridge staring at the reflection in the still water. The cloud in your second picture steals the show. I love the peaceful feeling of your last two pictures and the warm autumn feeling. So glad you were able to get out and enjoy the beauty and bring some of it back to us.

    1. Thanks Benni, it was a special day the light was just amazing ;)

  2. Such pretty shots especially the last one.

  3. Beautiful and serene

    Utterly lovely shimmering paleblue sky and its reflection in the mirroring water

    Beautiful and serene.

    Utterly lovely and pastoral.

  4. Hi Baz!! Fabulous photos for Debby's theme!! Great shot of the bridge, I got a very similar one last time I was down there. The second shot is just fantastic, the colours are so crisp, great reflections, too. Lovely burst of autumn colour in the distance in the third shot. My fave is definately the last shot, it has so much warmth and colour!!

  5. I am sure before you bought your house you had a tour of the area to see if it was photogenic and it is. You live in a wonderful place, made for the camera and with a profession behind the lens, the result if a perfect assembly of nature at its best.

  6. 'Hope you're feeling better now, Baz.

    Ok, I have to start with that last photo because it is the BEST! And because the caption is the opening words to one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs! The evening light in your photo is absolutely captivating.

    The other three are nice, very nice. That third shot has a beautiful stand of yellow leafed trees. I love the tall grasses by the water.

    No 2 ...the reflections are beautiful!

    And numero uno. It's such a cute little bridge!

  7. Hi Baz! Ah that beautiful light,which is a true balm to my eyes... Thank you!