Saturday, 15 November 2014

Picture This #277 ~ Thankful

Many thanks to Heidi for hosting this week. A really nice theme she has chosen, even though the Thanksgiving holiday in the US is still more than a week away, I'm hoping to see lots of happy shots!! 

There are quite a lot of things that I'm thankful for, here are just a few:

1) I'm thankful to be able to travel and see some of the wonderous sights this world has to offer. Bryce Canyon, Utah.
Bryce - Sunset Point 3

2) I'm thankful to nature for all it's colour, beauty and intricate detail.
Hoverfly 2

3) Like this bird, I'm thankful to the sun for all it's warmth and light.
Balancing Act

4) Of course, I'm most thankful for the special person in my life.
Sunny Smile


  1. wonderful shots Mitch and yes Thanksgiving is near but maybe it will help people to be thankful and not just see it as another 4 day weekend

  2. Some spectacular shots Mitch. Bryce canyon is very imposing and that insect with the striped pullover landing on a flower is a great action photo. I think the bird was enjoying being the subject of your photo and of course the last photo goes without saying.

  3. Wonderful pictures, Mitch, full of light and love. Bryce is magnificent! Love the macro of the fly (bee?) and the gull on one leg, looking thoughtful. You have captured Joanne beautifully, a great portrait of a lovely lady.

  4. An awesome selection of images from you Mitch and yes we do seem to think alike a lot of the time. A lovely shot of Joanne is perfect to finish your selection although probably the most important ;)

  5. Wonderful shots, Mitch! I love that bright, sunshiny smile on that special person in your life! She's a darling!