Sunday, 30 November 2014

Picture This #279 ~ Wood

An abandoned wooden box.
 photo 0f93b528-5ba2-4ff5-a2ed-208f42916d53_zpsa831cc4f.jpg

A wooden crate found in a car garage.
 photo 4cbb3fb2-4b42-4e3c-8cda-cf7e779ade5a_zpsb0c12586.jpg

A bed with hidden drawers.
 photo 7e374f09-9550-4069-a031-370288cde872_zps35fcf916.jpg

A stool
 photo b5c9482f-c28f-4582-883e-65e473a05d7f_zps053036df.jpg

A wooden horse-drawn tonga
 photo e173f82a-1d33-4990-a0f1-71300bd941c6_zps4e7ef43b.jpg


  1. Hi Nik!! Cool shots for this week's theme. Those crates in the second shot used to very common here, but now that everything is plastic, they are rarely seem anymore. Beds with drawers in the base are popular here, but again are rarely made of wood anymore. I like the stool, it could also double up as a small table. My fave shot is the last one, of the traditional horse-drawn cart.

  2. Hi, Nik, great pictures. I like the bed with hidden drawers and the beautiful stool. That poor horse does not look happy, but it is an outstanding shot!!

  3. As Mitch says, it is rare to see such wooden crates and boxes today, all the more important for the photos which are very good takes. I like the colour of the wood on the bed, looks so nostalgic. An interesting box and the horse drawn cart is perfect.

  4. Boxes galore and a poor overloaded critter.

  5. Hi Nik! Love all your interpretations for Mitch's theme but the last one is my favourite..

  6. Hello, Nik! Great shots. I love the last one of the horse and cart. It looks like it has been lovingly repaired with a slender tree trunk on this side. That's quite a load, heh? Looks like sacks of flour.