Saturday, 22 November 2014

Picture This #278 ~ The Best Most Recent Photos

Hi everyone!! Debby here from the Big Apple!! I'm getting to know a new computer today and haven't decided which of the old photos should go where, so I'm posting examples of my most recent photo shoot and I thought you might like to do the same. Please use your newest photos, ok? Mine are from a trip to Manhattan and a viewing of the new Fulton Center subway station yesterday. 

 "The glass-and-steel prism called Fulton Center began life as a public-transit labyrinth, a spaghetti-bowl tangle of dimly-lit corridors, narrow switchbacks and baffling signage cobbled together out of five subway stations built in the early 1900s.

 A century later, and more than a decade after part of the Lower Manhattan subway complex was destroyed in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the nine subway lines that converge on Fulton Street and Broadway have been knit together anew. New Yorkers, accustomed to thinking of transit hubs like Penn Station and Times Square as places to suffer through, will find on Monday morning a kind of Crystal Palace, crowned by a dome that funnels daylight two stories below ground." (The New York Times) 

Elevator to numerous shops that will be housed on the upper levels
This oculus is called "The Sky Reflector-Net" and funnels light below ground




  1. Hi Debby! Great theme. I love what New York has done with the subway stop here. Marvelous to be able to be bathed in light two stories below ground. I love your pictures of the elaborate lines and curves in this structure. It almost seems organic.

  2. Thanks, Benni! what they wrote in the Times is a bit misleading because once you do get underground you still have to walk for a couple of big city blocks to get to our subway line. So, if you don't know the system well it can still be confusing.

  3. Hi Debby its so long since I visited NY, I had a wonderful time there, these shots are wonderful, thanks for a great theme

  4. Hello. Great theme and all shots are fantastic.

  5. Hi Debby!! Many thanks for hosting this week despite your technical problems!! great theme, should be plenty of variety. Love your shots, what a fantastic job they've done on that place. I just love the 'sky-reflector net' !! Of the three upward-looking shots, I like the first one best.

  6. Thanks for hosting Debby with a theme with a difference. I like your photos very much, fresh from the camera and New York.

  7. Hi Deb! Thanks for the choice of such a great theme.... fabulous shots I see on here...