Saturday, 1 November 2014

Picture This #275 ~ Candid Strangers

Lovely apple photo from our Italian photographer - but not a paparazzi as they do not take photos of apples.

Just wanted to say that I am at the end of my first week working on a Apple Macbook and yes, I am loving it. I can now work with tabs, with mission control (no Bruce Willis to help) and with photos, although I still use my Windows computer for uploading photos. Anyhow I have very little candid strangers, almost none, so really had to dive into my collection.

On a London bus near Whitechapel, taken with my iPhone
In a bus near WhitechaIMG_0115pel telephone

Typical street scene in East Ham market, London
Local Colour at East Ham Market

Waiting to pay in Tescos, Dagenham (ok, not so candid, the bloke at the back is my dad taken 9 years ago but he didn't know he was in the picture
Dad shopping


  1. Nice shots, Pat! The little girl on the bus in her polka dot jacket matches the pretty purple seats.

    The Muslim women always draw my attention too, when I'm walking around the botanical garden, etc.
    Like with the black hats here it almost seems like a crime to take a picture of them. But I do it anyway!

    I particularly love the shot of your dad!

  2. Very nice shots. Pat! I particularly like the bottom one. Love the attitude of your father. It seems he is looking very carefully at the way the cashier is doing her job...

  3. A fascinating slice of life Pat, nicely done ;)

  4. Hi Pat !! Nice set of shots for Baz's theme. I like how the girl's coat in the first shot matches the colour (and almost the pattern) of the bus seats. The second shot certainly shows the multi-culturalism of London. Good shot of your dad....looks like he's telling the guy in front to hurry up :-))