Saturday, 22 November 2014

Picture This #278 ~ The Best Most Recent Photos

Thanks for hosting Debby and congratulations to Benni on the super banner photo.

I take photos constantly, but I write more constantly and basically my choices often rely on what I am writing, so my photos are sometimes out of the ordinary. Not always full of beautiful details, and the subjects can be a little strange. So I have to show the most recent photos, here we go.

I would say vegetarians look away or the squeamish, but honestly I didn't kill anyone, the calf was already dead when I bought the liver. I just found it would come in handy for a blog one day perhaps. The broccoli was cooked as a veg to the liver and bacon.

Liver and broccoli

Further in text, when I am on the rampage I always take a knife with me
knife halloween

And here is the broccoli, which is quite harmless. It didn't bleed when I cut it, just screamed.

And for the grand finale, my open fridge (no blood and no horror relics - I hope)

Usage of one of my first two photos as a banner at your own risk!!


  1. Very interesting shots of the knife and liver. I can see how they would be excellent starts to a story. The broccoli in the silver bowl is beautiful, lovely (and nutritious) shades of green. And I always like to look in other people's refrigerators, yours is very tidy. Myself, I like the knife. What a great mystery story that would illustrate.

  2. Liver and bacon, yummmm! Who cares what it looks like before the cooking! However, it makes for a very interesting photo!

    I agree with Benni. That second shot just screams "MURDER!", well except for the white butcher paper.

    I love broccoli! That makes a very nice shot.

    And your fridge is amazingly neat! And full. Mine is practically empty and it's still not that neat!

    Very interesting photos, Pat. It's fun to see what sort of photos people take from day to day. It's really nice to see fabulous and exciting theme entries but even more interesting when we get a real slice of someone's life. Like this. Your entry.

  3. Hi Pat!! I agree with Benni and Debby...the first two shots are very interesting, the second one being a great set-up for a story!! Good shot of the broccoli in the silver tray, even though it's not one of my favourite vegetables. I like the last shot best.....time to play a game of 'what's in Pat's fridge?'

    1. Must clarify that imy broccoli is in my special micro wave glass dish ready for cooking and not a silver tray I cook all my veg in the microwave becaue I can do it without water. I just cook brussel sprouts in the normal way otherwise they turn into bullets in the micro.

  4. Once again, I appreciate your sense of humour as you describe your very interesting and unusual shots...