Saturday, 1 November 2014


CONGRATULATIONS, NICO! Very beautiful banner!

All the photos below were taken in Lisbon, the top one precisely today in the afternoon.

candid stranger
Walking her bird...
candid stranger-----
At Lisbon's Red Light District
 candid stranger---
A foreign tourist candid stranger-


  1. Contemplative

    "Hi, Polly, Polly, hi."

    "Im here - where are you?"

    "Sometimes I jest sits and thinks and sometimes I jest sits."

  2. That first shot is so cool! That doesn't look like a very comfortable position for reading though, does it? I love the way she just kicked off her shoes and made herself (semi) comfortable. Do you ever want to walk up to people and ask them what they're reading?

    Lovely lady with a lovely bird. She makes me think of Elizabeth Taylor. That's a pretty colorful shot!

    I love the third shot the best. I love her whole attitude, the tats, her eyes as she looks off into the distance listening...and the backdrop is perfect!

    The black and white is very nice and I love the HAT! Guess I'm obsessed with hats lately. I lost my favorite one in the park during the Spring and I've searched and searched for a new one and can't find one I like.

  3. Love the pics. The first shot is great. Sooo totally natural. Loved the second shot where the lady is trying to get friendly with the parrot. The distant look and concentration of the third shot makes it good and the fourth shot is amazing as well.

  4. Great choices. all caught at the right momen the lady sitting on the bench is unique, the lady and parrot very good contrasting colours. I wonder what the lady in the red light district was organising - love the colours in the photo. I think the tourist is universal.

  5. Wonderful perceptive photography as always with your special style adding that little something extra

  6. Hi Belita!! Wonderful shots for Baz's theme!! The lady in the first shot looks very relaxed as she reads her book. The second shot made me smile.....the parrot obviously knows a camera when it sees one. LOL. The third shot is fascinating. As it was taken in the Red Light district, are we to assume she is 'plying her trade', so to speak? Great shot of the that an Aussie accent I can hear?