Saturday, 22 November 2014

PT CCLXXVIII ~ The Best Most Recent Photos

Beautiful banner by Benni

This compass-rose in stone is set at one of many memorials of fishermen, from the little west-Scanian village of Råå, who perished in the Öresund, the strait between Sweden and Denmark.
 photo DSCN0672_zps83f1beb2.jpg

This pier stretches out from the beach in Råå called Råå Vallar - a defense works which was constructed to fend off the Russian incursions during the 18th century.
 photo DSCN0630_zps0bbb5fdb.jpg

A view of the Råå Vallar beach.
 photo DSCN0627_zps9b7a9c67.jpg


  1. Hi Anders!! Great shots for this week's theme. Lovely memorial compass-rose in the first shot. Looks like a nice place to sit and contemplate. Good shot of the pier in the second photo. Gotta keep them Ruskies at bay!! Nice beach shot to finish with. I like empty beaches with no people on them.

  2. Anders, your shots are so peaceful and lovely. A beautiful memorial up top, it looks very inviting. Wonderful lines on the pier and I like the bicycle to one side. The Råå Vallar beach looks cold, but still a good place for a walk. Nicely taken.

  3. The first picture is very original, something I have never seen, a wonderful composition for the compass.The shadows on the bridge are very good, Russia is not so far away from Sweden. The beach looks very peaceful and the sun just sets the scene for perfection.

  4. What a lovely memorial, Anders. A wonderful shot!

    Nice shot of the pier. Is it usual to have fencing only along one side? I love the choice of blue for the fence posts.

    The seaside shot has a bit of a lonely look about it. I'm guessing it must be pretty cold there in November. lLl very nice shots for the theme.

  5. Hi Anders! Very interesting the blue of the sky...

  6. I'd love to visit the cold North sea :)